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Do you need an active, friendly, funny and kind community? Join us. and feel what it's like!

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Welcome to LGBT Space,

~The place where all things troubling you get cast out into the depths of nothingness~

Here you will find:

โ€ข A place without prejudice and discrimination of all peoples

โ€ข A place where you have full freedom to express yourself, and a place where you can celibrate your differences in whichever way you see fit

โ€ข A place where the people are great and the friendships are greater

โ€ข An 18+ NSFW section ;3

โ€ข Lot's of fun bots, games, events and mini-games!

โ€ข Monthly events such as movie night, game night, DJ parties and many more!

โ€ข Custom roles

โ€ข Friendly, understanding and helpful staff members

โ€ข A leveling system that grants you special perks

โ€ข An LGBTQIA+ support group

โ€ข Venting channels

โ€ข Debate channels

โ€ข Dank Memer, Yggdrasil and Eli!

Come over to space today and become a part of our wonderful, toxicity-free, supportive community!

We hope to see you soon!