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The Frontier

A server to find your own friends, and be apart of a community.

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LGBT Community

Welcome to The Frontier

We are a community based around being open to everyone.

We are chill, have friendly (but small) staff! We are looking for more!!!

What we have to offer: :crescent_moon: - Lots of Members ( Always looking for more!) :crescent_moon: - Friendly Staff :crescent_moon: - Several Fun and server bots :crescent_moon: - Partnerships (DM Modmail) :crescent_moon: - Events and Giveaways (Coming Soon) :crescent_moon: - Voice Channels to chill with friends! :crescent_moon: - Self assignable roles to identify yourself :crescent_moon: - Hobbies, LGBTQ, Furries, and other groups welcome!! :crescent_moon: - Color roles, nitro perks, battle through levels. :crescent_moon: - Counting, Selfies, Media, Hobbies, and other channels!

We want you to join us so we can help You find friends! Invite: Banner: